CangZhou JIADURUI INTERNATIONAL Co.,Ltd. addressed in CangZhou city Hebei Province, China. we are one of the most professional glassware manufacturers and exporters in China here, our main produts are double wall insulated glass mug, teapot, cold water jug, food container, barware. we own many styles for your choice as your requirement exactly. We can provide samples free of charge,and support “OEM” customization & “ODM” at the same time. Our products have been qualified by Costco and BSCI certificates,and we can carry out new third party qualification certificate as your market requirement......


All products are made of high borosilicate glass.

High borosilicate glass is characterized by high temperature resistance and thermal shock resistance. Can withstand temperature difference of more than 150 ℃. The single-layer borosilicate glass can be heated directly in the microwave oven and can be dried on an open flame for 20 minutes without any problem. Borosilicate glass does not contain harmful substances such as lead.It's the safest water container in the world.

high borosilicate glass
high temperature resistance
thermal shock resistance
not contain harmful substances

Double Wall Mug

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Single Layer Cup

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Glass Jar

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Cold Wator Jug

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Coffee Pot

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Company news

  • MOSHOME 2024 2024-01-18

    We will attend the MOSHOME 2024. Welcome to our booth. Glassware factory  CANGZHOU JIADURUI INTERNATIONAL Co.,Ltd. addressed in CangZhou city Hebei Province, China. we are one of the most...

  • New products development 2023-12-27

    Recently our company newly developed coffee set. Super high value, practical and convenient. Welcome new and old customers to inquire. Coffee set/ glassware/glasses

  • 2023 Hongkong Mega Show 2023-09-11

     Our company will attend 2023 Hongkong Mega Show at 20Th-23rd Oct. 2023. Welcome all of you come to my booth: 3B-C9.  I'm very happy to discuss cooperation with you face to face. I will be there...

  • New product release 2023-05-19

    New product release We have new products to release. It is double wall borosilicate glass with mirrored. We have broken through various technical difficulties. The double cup is evenly coated with...

Industry information

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    Exhibition Overview:RUSSIAN INTERNATIONAL HOUSEHOLD CONSUMER GOODS EXPO is an international exhibition for daily-use consumer goods, home decoration and hardware products, etc. It is the sister...

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    Glass is one of the objects that we often touch and use in our daily life. Glass has made great contribution to the development of civilization in the world, from daily articles such as glasses to...

  • Industrial Glass enterprises increased orders 2021-12-04

    Recently, Hejian City, Hebei Province, a number of glass production enterprise orders increased, the enterprise organization to rush orders, a busy scene in the workshop.Christmas is drawing near....

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It all begins with an idea. With everyone looking for 'grammable glassware’ we are constantly searching for interesting objects we can convert into coffee mug and teaset. From single serves to large format cocktail sharers ,if we haven’t already got what you are looking for, we can custom make it.